Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Good Dog by Todd Kessler

Ricky finds a puppy by accident and takes it home to meet his family.  They're not real sure about a getting a dog, but agree if that if he's good he can stay.  If he's bad, he has to go to the pound.

Greenleaf Book and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published July 15th, so make a note to pick it up then.

Ricky names his puppy Tako and Tako is very good.  He stays out of the way, never gets in trouble and loves everyone.  When Ricky's parents are selling enough to warrant it, they decide to open a bakery.  Tako helps with that, too.  The problem arises from the grocer on the hill.  Nobody is buying his stale baked goods since there's a nice clean place down the hill that sells fresh tasty new pastry.  He can't have that...

He starts sneaking in and ruining their baking by letting bugs loose in the bakery.  (These are all made-up bug names and colors so the bugs aren't scary.)  The only one who realizes what is going on is Tako.  When he finally grabs the grocer by the pant leg, he ends up getting taken to the pound.  The family is sorry, but he was bad.  

Don't give up hope.  Tako tells the other dogs about it and they all start bumping their cages and get out.  Tako and his friends expose the grocer's bugs and his plot for enrichment.  The best part?  Everyone else in the city wants a "bad" dog, too.  All the dogs find homes and the grocer runs out of town and doesn't return.  How could an ending get any happier?

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