Saturday, May 10, 2014

In My Wildest Dreams by Larynn Ford

Lynzi had a terrible crush on Layne when she was seventeen.  She thought they were soul mates, but he never contacted her after a date she will never forget.  What had she done wrong?  When she is divorced and free again, she tries to check on him only to find out he died 20 years ago.  Now there is no hope...

The author provided me with a copy of her book for a review (thank you).  The book has been published and you can get a copy wherever ebooks are sold.

This story is unusual.  It's a romance, a fight against evil, and it has a paranormal element.  I found interesting, it kept my attention, and I got involved enough with the two main characters I worried about their well-being.  I've read a lot of paranormal books, but this is the first one where the fae happen to be cowboys...

There is a parallel world that is all fae and that's where Layne's family is.  It's also where Layne went when he "died".  Layne has come back to save her since the bad guy is trying to kill her.  He takes her home.  Lynzi becomes younger there and time moves differently, so she has some adjusting to do. 

There is a war going on in the fae world.  One fae wants all the power and all the gold and he's willing to kill for it.  They have several confrontations with him.  I believe there will be more in this series because the bad fae is using magic to keep himself alive.  As long as he's alive, they're in danger.  Right now, though, they are living happily ever after.

As with any fantasy story, you have to stretch your imagination a bit, but it's a good read.  Why don't you give it a try?

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