Monday, December 17, 2012

Stone Cold by Joel Goldman

She doesn't ask her clients if they are innocent, she just defends them.  She wins, too.  That's what you do when you're a public defender.  But when the man who testified in the case is found dead with all his family slaughtered, too, she is shaken.  Is everything she founded her life and work goals on a lie?

The author sent me a copy of his ebook for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can buy a copy on Amazon now.

This is the first Alex Stone mystery.  I can't imagine what book two will be about.  This story reminded me of a tsunami.  You can run for high ground but the wave just keeps coming.  In Alex's case, she wants to right the wrong but can't see any way to do it legally.  And then he threatens her lover...

The most impressive parts of this story are the courtroom scenes.  You get an inside look at what is said, what isn't said, how a judge can help or harm a case, and how rabid lawyers can be.  There are times the scales of justice aren't even in the room.

You won't be bored, in some instances you will be amazed, and it will make you think about right versus wrong.  There are times things are gray, not black or white.

What would you have done in Alex's position?

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Happy reading. 

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