Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gem Stone by Dale Mayer

Gemma Stone grew up in juvie.  She knows where she is now (a halfway house of sorts) is the best place she's been so far.  She also knows that she'll soon be old enough to go out on her own and she's looking forward to that.  Right now, she's been having fun taking pictures and trying new techniques for better photos.  When she finds green slime on the creek below the bridge, she has no idea how much trouble that is going to cause her and her friends...

Ms. Mayer graciously shared her ebook with me for review (thank you).  I enjoy her writing and the stories she creates, so I was glad to read it.  You can buy a copy on Amazon either as an ebook or a paperback now.

The green slime is from an illegal activity and Gemma's picture taking manages to get the bad guy's attention.  When Gemma's female friend is kidnapped from the home, she and the other juvies from the home do their best to find her.  When they do, she's been drugged and must go to the hospital.

These kids have a natural distrust of law enforcement; they've been on the wrong side of it too often.  They don't think anyone is going to protect them from whomever kidnapped their friend.  So they will have to do it themselves...

These are strong young adults who can think quickly when in danger and who aren't afraid to fight back.  Gemma is especially outspoken and I like her.  She's going to get to the bottom of the case and resolve it even if she has to get the whole town involved.

There's good action, challenges galore, and it's a good story.  I have the feeling Gemma and her friends will be back.  I can't wait to read their next adventure.

Happy reading.    

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