Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bruno and the Carol Singers: A Christmas Mystery of the French Countryside by Martin Walker

This story touched my heart.  It's a story of the good people can do with very little effort on their part, just a desire to make people happy.

Knopf and Edelweiss allowed me to download this ebook for review (thank you).  It will go on sale December 18th and would make a wonderful stocking stuffer.  The reader's heart will feel lighter after this read and that's always good at Christmas.

Bruno is the police chief and he takes great pleasure in managing community events and bringing the people together in his small village.  This year he has a new family in the village.  It's a mother and child and she has lovely voice, but there is  a sadness in her eyes.  

His holiday gets a bit more exciting when he finds out her husband has broken his parole and it's expected he's coming to see them.  Then someone robs the money they collected from the performance.  And he suddenly has an idea on how this whole event can turn into something positive if the man is worth saving.  I like the fact that he watches his dog's interaction with the man and makes a judgement call based on its reaction.  

All the father escaped to do was have Christmas with his son and take him fishing, like his father used to do with him.  Breaking parole means he'll have to go back to jail, but he's willing to do that just to see his family again.

The story made me cry but I really enjoyed it.  Christmas is a good time of year to be forgiving.

This story will stick with you even if it is a short story.  In fact, it's a story I could read each year.  I like it that much.

Happy reading.    

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