Thursday, December 13, 2012

Twilight Is Not Good for Maidens: A Holly Martin Mystery by Lou Allin

This is a murder mystery that includes a missing woman and a police officer being falsely accused of wrong doing.  With a small police station, the loss of an officer during an investigation is a big blow.  Even worse, the replacement officer is loose cannon with no tact and no respect for authority.  Holly has her hands full...

Dundurn and Net Galley allowed me to download a copy of this ebook for review (thank you).  It won't be published until mid-June, 2013, so add it to your TBR list.  There are two earlier books in this series that you can buy now to read in preparation for the third book.  This read well as stand-alone, too.

Holly is an interesting character.  She lives with her Dad and became a cop because her mother disappeared ten years ago.  Her father is a bit odd:  he dresses in period clothes and cooks food popular during the time period he's mimicking.  He's also a professor at the local college.

When she is called to a scene where a young woman has been almost raped and killed, she doesn't have much to go on.  The girl didn't see her assailant, there are no witnesses, and there are no clues.  What she does learn, doesn't seem to have any significance.

The next victim is killed.  This where the story starts to get interesting.  They still have nothing to work with and then a young woman makes up lies about how Chipper assaulted her during a routine traffic stop.  He says no, but there are no witnesses.  He gets reassigned.  His replacement is an Amazon of a woman who has been reassigned several times and is on her last chance to reform.  She's definitely NOT what Holly needed now.

I enjoyed the fact that is set on Vancouver Island. You learn a bit about island life and who settles there.  Holly is a character that is still developing and has more to learn.  Her police companions have become family to her.  She's still trying find out why her mother disappeared.  The story intrigues you and involves you.  I'd read another story about Holly.  I'm also anxious to see how the story develops in her next book...

Happy reading.       

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Lou Allin said...

Thanks for your lovely review, Jo Ann. This third book in the series will be out in May. I also have a series in N Ontario which you might enjoy. You can visit my website to read chapters.