Tuesday, September 18, 2012

War Paint: Tattoo Culture & The Armed Forces by Kyle Cassidy

There is a military culture that creates an atmosphere for tattoos.  Whether it was an important event, a milestone, or just camaraderie tattoos seem to bloom on veterans.

Schiffer Publishing and Net Galley allowed me to download this book for review (thank you).  It was published in June, so check with your local bookstore for a copy.

I've followed Mr. Cassidy on Twitter and have admired his photographic artwork.  I was sure that seeing a book of his photographs would be impressive.  This book is indeed a work of art.

Kyle sees contrasts, lines, form and the people as one when he photographs.  He creates portrait photography that is unusual and attractive.  You see happy people, people that are proud, and people who still have pain in their eyes.  They come in all colors, all types and none of them are ashamed of their "paint".  Several mourn the fact that the dyes have lightened with time, but none of them want them redone.

There are short biographies of each person's story about their tattoo.  Some are poignant, some are stories of drunken nights, some are tributes to those who have died, and others were done on a whim.  The stories touch you.   

This combination of beautiful photography and sincere tales of the memories surrounding the tattoos will stay with you.  It almost imprints on you.

Check this book out.  It's a great way to pay tribute to the war veterans and the photographer who wanted to give them something back.

Happy reading.

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