Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Fatal Twist of Lemon: A Wisteria Tearoom Mystery (Volume 1) by Patrice Greenwood

It's taken most of her savings and a lot of work to get the old adobe home in Santa Fe ready to be used as a fancy English tea room with Victorian touches.  There are many different rooms, each with their own touch, and Ellen is very proud of her accomplishment.  She offers a thank you tea to those who have helped her on her way.  She could never imagine she'd find the president of the preservation society dead in the tea room at the end of the event...

Library Thing gave me the opportunity to review an ebook of this story (thank you).  The book is currently available for sale and you can find a copy on Amazon.

What caught my eye to start with was the fact that this was a murder mystery and I like those.  Even better, it was set in New Mexico.  I've been to Santa Fe, so it was easy for me to relate to the area and the characters the author created.

Ellen immediately clashes with the good-looking cop that shows up for the investigation.  He's arrogant and doesn't think much of her and after a long day, she refuses him entry to her apartment in the house.  After all, the murder was in the tea room, not her apartment.

This is a cozy mystery and I enjoyed it.  Ellen has no preconceived notions about Tony, but he has some about her.  I enjoyed watching their banter as they worked on the case.  Ellen wasn't supposed to be but she wants her tea rooms filled, not vacant.  Tony is surprised by her insight.

This would be a good read in your favorite armchair or when you're camping or at the beach.  It's not too intense, the story flows well, and you don't mind who the murderer is.  There's even a budding romance between Tony and Ellen and I'll be watching for future books in this series.  The author has done a good job of getting you involved in the characters and I want to see what their next mystery will about.

Happy reading.

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Shan said...

Thanks for the review. Have added it to my to read list. Sounds like a nice read on an afternoon when one just needs a break from life. Love the tea room setting!!