Friday, September 28, 2012

Comet's Tale: How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life by Steven Wolf, Lynette Padwa

All my rescue animals (and my Bengal cats) are very precious to me.  I've rescued many through the years.  But I never tried to turn one into a service dog...

Algonquin Books and Edelweiss allowed me to download an ebook for this story for review (thank you).  It will come out in hardcover on October 9th.

Steven Wolf is easy to empathize with.  He has a degenerative back disease that has put him on the sidelines.  A very active, very physical man suddenly finds himself unable to walk, in constant pain, and very very depressed.  He also finds himself alone because he must live in a dry climate (Sedona, AZ) and his family stays in the east.  His children are in school, his wife works, and they can't leave without disrupting the rest of their life.

It doesn't take long until he's in bad enough shape that he needs help.  He never expected it to come in the form of a greyhound.

When he compliments a lady who owns a greyhound, she talks to him about rescuing one.  He's not enthused.  When he gets a call closer to home he finally agrees to visit just to get away from the phone conversation. What he never imagined was that a greyhound would choose him...

This is a life story filled with sadness and gladness.  Learning to accept disability is very hard to do and strains marriages.  No one expected an abused rescue dog to rescue her new owner.  That's what makes it a very good read.

Happy reading.

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Shan said...

I have seen some of the dogs my eldest sis has had and all that they were able to do, and yes all were rescue dogs.
Mom used to tell the story of Lassie the family dog coming and barking at the door this one day and then finally pulling on dad's pant leg. Mom said you best follow. He did and found two of the kids, the troublemakers as they were known, upstairs on the loft ledge of a burnt out home.
Nothing dogs do amazes me anymore. Sounds like an amazing read!