Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bangabout Bits by Christopher Lincoln

OK, are you ready for this?  Here's a really cool young reader's book that is a cross between steampunk and robots!  How can you go wrong?

I must confess I've reviewed other books by Mr. Lincoln and I've enjoyed everyone of them, so I was more than ready to say yes when he asked again.  I even had to stick it in between other reviews because I didn't want to wait any longer.  If I can get this excited about a story at my age, I'm sure young ones will really enjoy it, too!

You can purchase this book on iTunes:  Bangabout Bits  audio book
Or you can buy a PDF version here:  Bangabout Bits ebook 

This is the tale of a young robot who has been mis-wired.  His father gave him curiosity, which is not allowed in the current time and place.  Asking questions gets him trouble.  But he can't help himself and he does want to know the answers.

As a result, he has a lot of people/robots after him.  The only hope he has are his mechanical friends.  He may be a clockwork boy, but he fights back masterfully with friends he didn't know he had acquired helping him.

The school compacts itself and moves to another location at night.  The rich people's houses are on clouds about the ground and only accessible by an air current taking them up.  They need umbrellas to go down.  And there are even more interesting characters and buildings in the story.

It's an exciting tale with plenty of action and it will keep anyone reading the story busy.  I'm already hoping to read more about Bangabout in the future.  I'm pretty sure his adventures aren't done yet!

Happy reading.

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Shan said...

It amazes me the variety of books out there, and how they keep coming up with new and creative and catchy ideas. This certainly sounds like an author to keep an eye on. Thanks for the heads up.