Thursday, September 6, 2012

The All-Star Joker by David A Kelly

Here is a new Ball Park Mystery, #5 in the series.  Someone is playing practical jokes on the baseball players, but the wrong person is being blamed.

Random House sent me a copy of this Stepping Stone Book for review (thank you).  It's on sale now, so check with your local bookstore for a copy.

Mike and Kate are in Kansas City for the all-star game.  They are in the field chasing pop flies when they meet another boy, Andy.  His father is playing in the game.  

Everyone is having a good time until the coach accuses Josh of playing practical jokes at the game.  Andy knows it's not him, but how are three children going to prove it?

This is another challenge for Mike and Kate, but they pull it off.  Can your young ones decide who the practical joker is before Mike and Kate prove it?

This is good read for both boys and girls, is illustrated by Mark Meyers, and isn't too long.  Those just getting started in chapter books will enjoy this series.  Why not buy a few and get them started on the series?

Happy reading.

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Shan said...

It's great the wide variety now offered in chapter books. All I can remember was See Jane run, run run run. And then of course there was Dick doing whatever it was that he did.