Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vanished by Jordan Gray

Willie was a pain in the butt and annoyed everyone in town, but why would someone want to kill him?

I got my ebook review copy from Net Galley and Harlequin (thank you).  A paperback was published the first part of this month and is available at your local bookstore.

This is a Blackpool mystery.  The author does a very good job of showing the coastal town and it's climate - including the atmosphere of its residents.  The characters are quirky, they have unusual jobs because it's a tourist town, and the family that has been there for centuries is sinister and powerful.

When Willie is found dead onboard a boat with Dylan's wife, she's the first one to be accused of his murder.  Then Dylan is... 

The main characters are a charming couple who know their friend is troubled about his marriage, but don't believe he would actually kill someone over it.  Since the cops do, all they can do is try to help.  And that's not viewed favorably.  They are reminded continuously to mind their own business and leave things alone.

There is an old mystery involved with this current one.  There are tunnels under the town from the smuggler days and they decide they must search there for the truth.  (You wouldn't see me going along - I hate caves!)

The story flows well, Blackpool is an interesting town with old history and new traditions, and suspects abound.

Pick yourself up a copy and settle in your reading chair by the fire with a cup of tea and have fun!

Happy reading.

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