Monday, November 15, 2010

Ice Claw by David Gilman

Max is competing in an X-treme sports challenge in the French Pyrenees when he witnesses a man skiing for his life - and losing to a rifle shot...

Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers sent me a hardcover of this book for review (thank you).  This is the sequel to The Devil's Breath.  It is currently available in your local bookstore, as is the first book.

I had not read the first book in the series, but this book snared me after a few pages and it read well alone.  This is an eco-adventure and has a very detailed plot.  Astronomy, math, a potential disaster and evil make it an interesting read.

Mr. Gilman's Max is a very strong character.  He goes all out in his sports and he has enough inner strength to keep on after his father has suffered a terrible injury and has lost part of his memory. 

When the skier (who is a Basque Monk) gives him a few cryptic words before his death, he knows they must be important.  When people start trying to kill him, he realizes he's right.  But when you're in a foreign country with limited friends and don't know who you can trust, how do you find out what those words mean or why they are important?

Soon, he's framed for the Monk's death.  And that makes his troubles even worse.

You'll be following along with Max, worrying with him about staying alive and wondering if he'll ever solve the mystery.

This would be great for reluctant readers who have trouble getting involved in a book. It's also a good read for those who like unexpected mysteries that are difficult to solve.

Visit your local bookstore and find a copy of this before they sell out.  It's for ages 11 and up. 

Happy reading!

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