Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spray by Harry Edge

Imagine a game of assassins using water pistols with the last man (or woman) standing being the winner...

Spray has been published by Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of MacMillan, and they sent me a copy of the trade paperback for review (thank you). This book is now available at your local bookstore. 

The author lives in the UK and there is taste of "Englishness" in the writing.  The story has a bit of British spy intrigue in it.  It fits well and is an enjoyable read!

The characters are a varied group of teens who didn't know each other all that well when they joined in the competition.  Some of those eliminated early in the game, team up with their assassin and work with them.  Some are distractions, some are fact finders, and some some use skills to aid to them while others use their brain to find the best place to catch their victim outside.  There are rules.  The ploys they use are amazing.  I'm not sure I could be that creative. 

There is also another underlying plot that is part of the game, but not directly.  It adds some spice to the story.

This is written for ages 11 and up.  Any young reader who loves action movies or games should enjoy reading this story.  Visit your local bookstore and pick up a copy, it's a good read.

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