Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tangled Rapunzel's Tale by Barbara Bazaldua

Have you ever heard the story of Rapunzel from her side?  Here's your chance...

This is a Stepping Stones chapter book based on the new movie coming out from Disney (thank you for my review copy).  It's illustrated by Dave Gilson and Jean-Paul Orpinas and in gorgeous, colorful graphics.

You can read the book before you see the movie or live the movie again each time you read the story, your choice.  It's a beginning chapter book, so your younger child will be able to read it with ease.

This tale (as with all retellings) is a bit different than any other version I've read.  Rapunzel still has long hair, but it's magical, too.  And instead of a prince saving her, she meets Flynn Rider - who is really a rogue!

It's a fun fantasy story that young ones will enjoy.  Introduce them to this new version of Rapunzel and then perhaps dig out an old classical version of it and let them see the difference.  Fairy tales change over the years.  This is a good opportunity to let them see the change themselves.

You can find it now at your local bookstores.  Get a copy and read Rapunzel's story!

Happy reading.

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