Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blown Away by Nancy Mehl

Hilde Higgins is back.  And now her boyfriend has been accused of murder...

Net Galley provided me with an ebook for review and Barbour Publishing will be publishing a trade paperback on February 1, 2011.  (Thank you both.)

This is the second book in this series and I'd already read and enjoyed the first one, so I had to see what sort of mess Hilde gets in this time.

Ms. Mehl writes a nice cozy mystery with a Christian theme.  She also does well with creating unique plots.  I enjoyed this read.

Hilde is a beautician, but her customers are mortuaries and their dead who need a "spruce up" to make them look nice.  Her boyfriend is a stockbroker who works as clown in an organization that does good works.

When Hilde runs an errand for Adam, she visits the cemetery to make sure they have the clown hat for the funeral of a Clowns for Christ member.  Instead she finds another dead clown in the resting place dug for the first death.  And then the cemetery groundskeeper says he say Adam's car there earlier...

The police are happy to accept an easy conclusion.  Hilde wonders if she wrong in reading Adam's character.  And if she wants to know for sure, she's going to have to do her own investigation.

Ms. Mehl's characters are colorful, opinionated, and just like real life.  I enjoy her work and I enjoyed this read.  Get yourself her first book, Missing Mabel, and get to know Hilde.  Then grab this new one in February and find out how exciting her life can get. 

Happy reading!

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