Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sudan by Art Ayris and Ninie Hammon

This book will chill your soul and it's based on a true story.

Bookmasters sent me a copy of this Bay Forest trade paperback that is currently available at your local bookstore (thank you).  You can also get more info about buying it at Kingstone Media.   

The subtitle of this book is:  A Modern Day Tale of Slavery and Redemption.  These two authors present you with a startling look at present day Sudan and the atrocities going on there even now.  This reads like it should have come from biblical days, but unfortunately it did not.  The story is graphic and hard to read without crying, but it's true.  And that's the horror of it.

When raiders attack a remote village, they take as many slaves as they can gather, all young children.  Young virgins have a high value for the raiders, regardless of sex.  One very young girl's father is a simple Dinka farmer, but he sells everything he can and goes after his daughter.  He gets swindled and comes home defeated, but then the village rises to the occasion and gives him more animals and goods to sell and gets him back on the search.

There is rape, mass murder, kidnapped children, and human bondage in this story.  The Sudanese government won't help them.  So a lone father goes on his way,  ready to die if he can't save his little one.

While horrifying, I'm glad I read this book.  Now I better understand how things are in those small, poor African countries, and why George Clooney is trying to change things there.  Genocide and slavery are still alive.  It's a very sad statement about our world.

Buy yourself a copy and open your eyes.  It will make you happy you live where you do.

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If my review didn't touch you, here's the trailer for the book that will show you why this book haunts me: