Thursday, November 18, 2010

Third Degree by Maggie Barbieri

Maggie stops at coffee shop and witnesses a brawl where one participant dies.  But when his car blows up next, it doesn't seem like his death was so accidental after all...

I won this book in a drawing done by Minotaur Books.  It's a Murder 101 Mystery and Ms. Barbieri has four earlier books in this series.  This one read fine as a stand alone.

Maggie's boyfriend is trying to get her to accept his proposal of marriage.  She's been burned before and is hesitant.  And she's pretty sure the other brawler was not the killer.  So now she's snooping about to see who might have a had a reason to kill Carter.  The list isn't short.  He's a food blogger who had nothing nice to say about anyone in town.

The plot in this mystery has an unusual killer, which made it even more interesting to read.  It's a cozy type mystery and an enjoyable read.

Visit your local bookstore and check this book out.  Look over the others in the series, too.  You might want to start at the beginning.

Happy reading!

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