Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deadly Identity by Linday McKenna

She testified against him and is in the witness protection program.  But then he escapes from the jail...

Net Galley provided me a copy of this ebook to review.  The book is being published by Harlequin later this month.  (Thank you both for the opportunity to read it.)

Ms. McKenna does a very good job of expressing how fearful an abused woman can become.  They also learn not to trust.

When Susan almost dies from her latest beating and ends up losing her six month old baby, she's ready to do what she needs to get rid of Dirk.  She had no idea he was a drug dealer when she married him, but now all she wants is out.

Unfortunately, he escapes and she must be relocated with another new identity.  This time they send her to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  On her way to a new residence, she finds an SUV in the ditch and stops to help.  The sheriff arrives just after her and finds the driver dead and the baby in the backseat.  The driver was a widow and the sheriff is the baby's godfather - but his wife and child are dead and how he's going to take care of the baby and work?  Susan (now named Rachel) comes to his rescue.

Both characters are cautious, don't want to be hurt again, and don't want to trust again.  But with Dirk on the loose they don't have a lot of time to worry about that.  Staying safe is first on the list.

This is a thriller with a bit of romance and I ate it up with my eyes.  It's an enjoyable read, even with a few sad parts.  Get yourself a copy at your local bookstore at the end of month and "taste" it yourself!

Happy reading.

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