Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trash Course by Penny Drake

Imagine a James Bond type of detective agency.  Now imagine it's two women...

Carina Press and Net Galley provided me with ebook for review.  This has been published in Mobipocket Reader and Adobe Reader formats.  It's available now.  Check with Carina Press for a copy.

Ms. Hawk is an enigma.  She's well-versed at self defense, takes on women's cases, and has contacts everywhere.  She charges them a fee and then a number of favors to do the job.  Favors mean that they provide her with information or contacts or use other skills that aren't illegal and don't jeopardize them to complete payment for her services.

Terry is a new addition to the agency.    She has honed all of her self-defense skills and become a formidable force herself.  She loves saving children, abused women, and any other cause Ms. Hawk embraces.

When they agree to check out two old men who live in a house full of hoarded items, they have no idea just how deep a hole they are falling in.  There are several people who are looking for some papers in that house...

Ms. Drake's characters are strong, resourceful and willing to accept danger to save their victims.  The author adds a love interest for Terry.  He just happens to be involved in the current case (though Terry doesn't know it at first).

The action is fast, hard-hitting, and exciting.  I really, really enjoyed this read.  I plan to keep watching to see if there are more in this series.  I want to read any more that are written!

If you like action heroes, Ms. Hawk is one.  And the mystery is very convoluted with lots of varied factors involved.  You'll keep those pages turning on this read.  Get yourself a copy and check it out!

Happy reading.

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