Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Lonely Death by Charles Todd

Who is going about randomly killing men with a garrote?

Subtitle of this book:  An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery.  I got my copy of the ebook from Net Galley and William Morrow (thank you).  The hardcover book will be published in January, 2011.

I had never read about Inspector Ian Rutledge, but I really enjoyed reading this mystery.  There are several different factors involved in the plot that make it compelling, interesting, and intriguing.

A mother/son team writes these stories but they are so fluid and flow so well it seems there is ONE author, not a combination.  They have a distinctive style and I'll watch for more books in this series.

The men killed had all served in the Great War and they are found with an identification chip in their mouth.  But it's not their chip, and it's not necessarily from the dead.  So there appears to be a war connection, but is there really?

Rutledge is carrying his own problems.  A man he had to kill by firing squad for not following orders shares his head and talks to him.  Being buried with the victim when a bomb blast hit has done some strange things to his head.  

While he tries to find a common denominator between the deaths to identify the murderer, he also has a good friend commit suicide because he can't handle life after the war.  This, in turn, works on his own mental health.

The plot will keep you going.  You feel sympathy for Ian Rutledge because nothing in his life is easy.  The pages turn quickly and the ending will surprise you.  The story is set in Scotland, and I enjoy reading about other countries.  I always learn some new customs and something about that country's people's personalities.

This is a good mystery read.  Make a note on your TBR to pick up a copy in January when it comes out.  There are twelve other books in this series.  You can always read a few of those while waiting.

Happy reading!   

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