Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

Living on an island is great.  You know everybody, life is simple and life is good.  Until the first person gets sick...

Hyperion will be publishing this book in January.  Thanks to them and Net Galley, I got to read the ebook in advance.  

This story is haunting and all too real.  It will remain in your mind long after you put the book down and move on.  It's a nightmare come alive.

A ferry runs between the island and the mainland, there's an airport, and there are lots of fishing boats.  So while they are on an island, it doesn't seem oppressive.  They can shop, visit, or entertain themselves on the mainland from time to time.  Many of them have relatives there.  But when the sickness sets in, the rules change.

At first, it's just one person with a mysterious illness.  When the doctors can't determine what it is and the patient succumbs, the town starts whispering.  As the number of people ill grows, the people on the island find themselves quarantined.

This sounds like an end of the world novel, but everything the author portrays is how humans act when put under stress and when they are unsure of survival.  People get ugly.  

While Ms. Crewe writes a story of despair, she also offers you hope.  We are all defined by our strength of character, and this story proves that.

Put this one on your TBR list.  It's meant to be a young adult book, but it is pertinent to adults, too.  True characteristics poke out when you lose the world as you know it, and this author shows that.

You won't forget this one soon.

Happy reading.

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