Friday, April 19, 2019

Me and Sam-Sam Handle the Apocalypse by Susan Vaught

Someone stole the money from Jesse's Dad's desk at the school.  Since he was responsible for it, he assumes the blame.  Jesse knows he didn't do it.  So she decides to figure out who did.

Paula Wiseman Books and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published May 14th.

Jesse has her dog, Sam-Sam, a Pomeranian, and a new friend she's acquired to help her.  Sam-Sam is not learning to locate bombs as she would like.  Her Mom is in the service and she has a bomb sniffing dog so Jesse wanted to imitate her.  She uses bacon for Sam-Sam but he still doesn't get that he's supposed to dig the plastic container up.  She keeps on working on it.

She and Springer begin gathering information to find out who the real thief is.  It's hard for them to do because the school has bullies that won't let them alone.  They already gave Springer a black eye.  Jesse can pretty well defend herself but she'd rather not confront them.  They say mean things about them both.   They were going to fight them in the hallway but Jesse had water bottles with her and she hit them with them dropping water all over them.  She ended up in the principle's office for it but she defended herself.

Nothing is done about the bullies, she has to find the real thief herself, and then a big wind storm flattens her house and most others in her neighborhood.  She saves her aunt but she was really hunting for her dog.  Her aunt wasn't supposed to be home but she skipped her nail appointment.  When she finds Sam-Sam, he goes over to the neighbors and shows the rescue crew where those folks were trapped.  They take both Jesse and Sam-Sam around the neighborhood rescuing people until the rescue dogs finally show up.

It takes a lot of effort but she does identify the thief.  The school even finally deals with the bullies.  Jesse might be handicapped but she's capable of taking care of herself.  And Springer helps because he can talk her down when she gets fretful.  I think we have a good team going here.

This was a busy story with lots of confrontations and lots of excitement.  It's a very good read. 

Isabella at Gymnastics by Kate Mahoney-Veitch

Isabella is a girl of my heart,  I, too, loved books when I was little (still do) and I had a stuffed animal, too.  Just one.  My panda bear went everywhere with me.  I love her batch of toys!

The author shared a copy of her book with me for a review (thank you).  It has been published and you can grab a copy now.

She takes some of her stuffed animals with her when she goes to the gym and lets them watch her exercise.  Then she takes them home and tells them a story about them exercising in the gym.  When one falls off the balance beams because it was pushed, she makes the other one apologize.  She's raising her toys right!

Ms Wills' illustrations are charming and add to the sweetness of the story.  This is a great series for little ones.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Dead Extra by Sean Carswell

Jack was reported as killed in action and they had a funeral service at home.  He was actually missing in action and when he arrives home everyone thinks he's a ghost.  He's no ghost and he is broken hearted to find out his wife has died thinking he was dead.  Then her twin tells him it was no accident like the cops said.  It was murder.

Jack begins by reading a book she wrote.  His father put her in an asylum because she was drinking and running around after Jack's supposed death.  She writes about the awful the conditions, the work all must do and how they are really slaves working without wages.  She gets out by making a deal but it's for more than she bargained for.  She was to play an instrument that she was good at, doing a strip tease at the same time.  She finishes and gets ready to leave, they give her a drink and while she's unconscious, they rape her. 

He begins digging into the case.  He used to be a cop so he knows how to investigate.  He keeps getting warned to stay out of it but he's not listening.  They killed his wife and he wants justice.

Can he find the killer and avenge his wife or will he be dead just like she is?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Swimming for Sunlight by Allie Larkin

Katie's life is falling apart.  She's had two miscarriages and now her husband wants a divorce.  Meeting his girlfriend at the lawyer's office doesn't make her feel better.  She's so sure she's a failure.  So she moves back to Florida with her dog, Bark, to live at her grandmother's house.  Nan has always been a source of comfort for her.  She loved her even when her own mother didn't seem to.  But she's changed, tool.

Atria Books sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published April 23rd.

Nan has lost weight, got her hair cut short and looks years younger.  She still offers comfort and love but she's busy now.  She cooks healthy food (Katie doesn't like it, Nan is vegan now) and she exercises.  She's also playing mermaid just like she and her friends did years ago.

Katie's skills are in sewing so she goes to talk to the tailor she used to work for.  He offer her job before she asks, so now she can earn some money on her own.  As she meets her grandmother's friends, she finds they are still the ones she had before.  She knows Nan has a boyfriend (grandfather has been dead for many years), but she doesn't know who it is.

When she finds her ex-husband is married again and the lady is remodeling the house, it upsets her.  She had the house the way she wanted it, now it's being changed and looks awful.  Not only that but his new wife is pregnant.  She couldn't have any with him and he's replaced her with a woman could.

Between feeling like the divorce must be her fault and remembering her father dying while they were swimming together makes her feel like a failure.  It almost takes a miracle for her to understand that bad things in life happen and you have to keep moving forward.  Sometimes it's no one's fault.

The story ends with her coming into her own and developing a new love interest.  Sometimes life is hard.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Raven's Tale by Cat Winters

Edgar Allan Poe is young at the start of this story.  He's looking forward to going to college and getting away from his adopted father but he can't go unless his father pays.  His father wants him to stop writing poetry and settle down into a working life.  He's driven to write poetry.  It's his passion in life.  His adopted father would cut it off totally if he could.

Amulet Books shared this book with me for review (thank you).  It is being published today.

Edgar has a young woman he loves and he asks her to wait for him to return to college.  She agrees.  Then he meets his muse.  She's a dark woman that leaves soot wherever she goes.  She encourages his writing.  She wants him to let her be seen.  He's not sure about that.

His muse is a hit at college.  The boys there think she's great.  But when he comes home, his father goes after her with his rifle.  He shoots her and Edgar is afraid she'll die...  She does, but she comes back again.

This is fantasy novel with the muse being a girl who is turning into a raven.  The boy and his father hate each other.  Life is tough for Edgar.  (It was in real life, too.)  This is an interesting read about a well-known author and his muses.  Most people don't have live muses but Edgar wasn't like most people.  I found the story intriguing.  Why don't you give it try?

Ada Twist and the Perilous Pants (Questioneers #2) by Andrea Beaty

Ada likes science.  She learns what she can and then she experiments.  Her brother isn't very happy when she experiments with his tennis shoes.  She was testing the way hot and cold worked on smells.  Hot made it smell worse.  Before she can go on to another test, her girlfriend shows up and tells her that her Uncle was wearing his helium pants and the guy holding the rope lost it and now he's floating around town.  Can Ada help get him back down?

Amulet Books sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It is being published today.

The firemen try to come to the rescue but he's just out of reach of their tallest ladders.  Ada finally comes up with an idea but she's no good at getting the tennis balls where she wants them.  Will she able to save him or will he float out to space?

Science is exciting with Ada!

Monday, April 15, 2019

An Officer's Vow by Penny Hampson

Nate was injured in the war and as he heads home, he feels he has nothing to live for.  He's not much of a man anymore since his leg gives out on him, and he doesn't want his father to feel pity for him.  While he's wallowing in these bad thoughts, his horse suddenly spooks and he manages to lose his seat and, of course, he falls on his bad leg.  As he tries to recover from the fall, he finds a young female attempting to care for him.  It seems she was in the bushes and spooked the horse and she's worried she injured him.  He tells her it was a war injury and if she helps him get up he'll continue his journey.  He asks why she's out there all alone.  She tells him and he takes her with him...

BooksGoSocial and Net Galley gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It has already been published.

It seems Lottie's father has died and the boy she was hoping to marry died in the war, so his younger brother intends to marry her and then steal all the money her father left her.  He's distasteful, grabs parts of her body, and then she finds he plans to sell her to a brothel to get rid of her.  So she runs.

Nate intends to keep her safe.  He can't do that too well with a bad leg but he can take her home and with his father and the staff she will be protected.  That's if they make it there.

The rejected suitor is after her so he can have her money.  If they weren't having enough trouble hiding, the Duke gets  involved and his help leads them into a dangerous situation.  They've become a team.

I enjoyed this story.  It has lots of adventures, the Duke is almost more of an enemy than a friend and the romance bounces back and forth.  Neither one has said they love the other so it gets all confusing.  But it ends well.  For a while there, I wasn't sure...