Sunday, September 4, 2011

Black Cat, Little Witch Clacker Books

These would make a great holiday gift for a young one.  Who can dislike a book you can read or make noise with?

Robin Corey Books, an imprint of Random House, sent me a copy of these board books for review (thank you).  Both are available at your local bookstore now.

Filled with simple stories for small ones with illustrations by Luana Rinaldo, the books are charming.  The thick pages mean young ones can turn the pages again and again without harm.  

The best part is that they have handles.  So a child can hold the book at its side and shake them back and forth and they clack.

Little ones will enjoy a book they can read or play with.  And they both are cool Halloween themed books.  Why not include them as a special gift to your trick or treater?

Happy reading.

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