Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stone Rabbit Night of the Living Dust Bunnies by Erik Craddock

Zombie dust bunnies!  Really.

Random House Kids Books sent me a copy of this to review (thank you).  I loved it!  It is the sixth in the series, but the first one I've read.  You can pick this one up at your local bookstore now.  You might want to add a few more to the pile.  It made me laugh out loud.

This is a graphic novel with odd looking characters.  The illustrations appealed to me.  They are dressed to go out on the town trick or treating, and they expect no trouble except getting so much candy they can't carry it home.

Unfortunately, Henri the tortoise inadvertently turns on an atomic light on the way out and the dust bunnies in the house grow into Zombies...

This book is silly and fun and I'm sure children will love it.  Why not put some copies of this book in the trick or treat bags the children bring?  It'll last a longer than candy.

Happy reading.

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