Saturday, September 3, 2011

Everything I Need To Know Before I'm Five by Valorie Fisher

 Why buy several picture books to teach your child things they need to know to go to school when you can buy this one and have it all in one volume?

Schwartz and Wade sent me a copy of this book for review, and it's been a real pleasure (thank you).  You can snag a copy at your bookstore now.

As the DJ says:  Do you know a B from a P?  A 3 from a 4?  A circle from a square?  A red from a green?

This book covers numbers, opposites, shapes, colors, seasons, weather, and the alphabet.  This is author has done an excellent job of setting up a scene that depicts what she is trying to teach and taking a photo of it.  The photos are brilliantly colored and it's easy to see what the opposite meanings are or the colors are, etc.  She even shows them how to mix colors to create a new one.

I was very impressed by this book and am sure young ones will return to it again and again.  They will learn lots of subjects here in a fun way and will want to read it several times.

Why not get your young one an educational treasure trove of learning?

Happy reading.

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