Monday, September 19, 2011

Shadow Magic by Kitty Wells

Imagine your tiny ceramic cats can come to life and help you with a problem.  Wouldn't that be special?

David Fickling Books sent me a copy of this book for review.  It's part of the Pocket Cats series and the first one I've read.  This is one of the cutest books I've read in a long time.  You can grab a copy at your local bookstore, it should already be in stock.

Nibs is a tiny kitty so small she can sleep on a dollhouse bed.  But she's got an attitude that won't stop!  Maddy has to be careful how she treats her, she's not like Greykin.

I've always had an active imagination, so it wasn't hard for me to "see" a ceramic cat coming to life.  The thought of having a tiny cat friend amuses me.

Maddy's cousin, Chloe, comes to visit and Maddy is all excited.  But Chloe doesn't even want to stay in her room and is totally uncommunicative.  Maddy doesn't get it until she hears enough to find out that Chloe is planning to run away and go back to her old home.  She's not happy with her new school and home.  Can Maddy stop her from doing it without earning her hatred?

Ms. Wells understands young one's desire to be liked and how hard it is to start as a new student.  The bit of magic she adds to the story with a pocket cat just makes the story richer and more fun to read.

Why not share a copy of this book with your young one?  You could grab the first one in the series so they can read both adventures.

Happy reading.

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