Monday, September 5, 2011

Ten Unusual Features of Lulu McDunn by Kelly Pulley

Lulu is a very unique individual.  She has special traits that will make your child's eyes wide and their mouths drop open.  Just read the book to see...

Frog Legs Inc., an imprint of Gauthier Publications, shared a copy of this book with me (thank you).  It was published in July of 2010, so you will be able to find a copy at your local bookstore now.

If you have a child who is worried about how they look, this is the book for them.  If they have freckles, wear glasses, are overweight or are losing hair from chemotherapy, they are still going to notice Lulu has worse problems.  And she doesn't think they're problems; they are just enhancements to her physical skills and bring joy to her life!

Mr. Pulley writes a very cute story about a young girl with odd features who takes every day at a time and thinks the ten oddities are attributes.  Lulu will make you smile.

Why not get a copy today and share it with your child.  If they have low self-esteem, this book teaches them that being different makes you special, not weird.  Just look at Lulu!

Happy reading.

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