Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Lunatic Life by Sharon Sala

She talks to ghosts.  Doesn't everybody?

Bell Bridge Books and Net Galley gave me a copy of this ebook for review (thank you).  The book was published at the end of September, so it is available at your local bookstore now.

Tara Luna is orphaned and being raised by her Uncle Pat.  She loves him dearly and he's good to her, but he refuses to listen about her "ghosts".  He just doesn't believe in that sort of stuff.  Tara doesn't have any choice...

Ms. Sala does a wonderful job of showing how hard it is to keep going to new schools and trying to fit in.  It's even harder when you're "different".  I experienced that when I went from Catholic parochial school into public high school.  Talk about culture shock!

Tara tries to keep her secret, but that doesn't last long.  She can't let the little boy in the bathroom die.  She attempts to explain how she knew as being psychic.  The author shows you her confusion over trying to be less than truthful but still having to act when she senses danger.

I enjoyed this read.  It was light, a bit silly at points, and the ghosts are part of the fun.  I am glad to see there will be more in this series.  The door was left open at the end of this book to continue the search for a murderer, and I'm sure that will be in the next book.

Try this young adult book, it's a good read and an interesting story.  If you do, you'll probably be like me and you'll be waiting for the next story, too.

Happy reading.

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