Thursday, September 15, 2011

Green River Killer: A True Detective Story by Jeff Jensen

I lived in Washington while the Green River Killer was active.  This case fascinated me.  We even got interviewed on the steps of the Boeing Museum of Flight about the case.  And even though the killer has been convicted, the story just doesn't seem to be over yet...

Dark Horse Comics and Net Galley gave me the opportunity to review this book (thank you).  It will be published at the end of the month and you can pick up a copy of this graphic novel at your local bookstore.

Jonathan Case is the illustrator of this novel, and his graphics add to the feeling of noir crime, seemingly dark and desperate.  Mr. Jensen's story is based on the lead detective's hunt over the years.  He has first hand knowledge, since that was his father.  Other books I have read have centered on Ridgeway.  I found this side of the tale much more entertaining and much more heartrending.

The killer was a soulless man who thought prostitutes were trash.  Mr. Jensen spent his whole career trying to find closure for the parents of the victims and to stop the killer from doing it again.  The hunt was tedious, almost hopeless, but he never gave up.

This graphic novel makes the story succinct and the art work makes the pain easy to see.  If you find yourself fascinated by true crime, you need to get this book and read what the son has said about his dad.  It's sad and touching both.

Happy reading.

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