Thursday, April 1, 2021

Find You First by Linwood Barclay

When he's given the information that he has a terminal disease, he's shocked.  As he thinks about death, he realizes he donated sperm to get money to buy a computer years ago.  Those children could have his disease...

William Morrow sent me an ARC to read and review this story (thank you).  It wull be published on May 4th.

Miles has lots of money and he dislikes his sister-in-law, so he thinks he'll find those children and split the money between them.  He'll  pay for the tests to see if they inherited his disease.  The names are not disclosed by law, but he has friends who can get the information.  Then he begins looking for the children.

He finds Chloe first and they get along well.  She's always wondered who her father was.  But not all of them are still alive.  Someone is killing them systematically.  Why?

When Chloe's test comes back she doesn't have the disease.  Miles is happy about that, but then he finds out he's not her father!  When he approaches the doctor and asks why his name was listed as sperm donor when he wasn't , the doctor won't tell him anything.

Then it becomes a game of cat and mouse.  He wants to find the children to warn them of danger but the killers who kill the kids wants to get there first.

This is a creepy story.  You aren't sure who is going to win and it's not going to be a happy every after ending but justice does get served.

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