Saturday, July 25, 2020

Winner Cake All by Denise Swanson, Series: Chef-to-Go Mysteries

Dani is catering the engagement party of a lifetime.  Her word of mouth advertising has brought her Yvette who is marrying a man with money.  She's picky and the engagement takes place soon, but money is no object.  They are having it in a fancy tent, so Dani hires some help and gets to cooking.

Poisoned Pen Press and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published September 29th.

Dani is dating the university chief of police and it's like they can never find a day they are both free.  They date as they can.  When he finds out she's hired the police chief from town to be a chef, he's jealous, so she invites him to come over and help with the cooking.  All that goes well after they get rid of one employee who didn't want to serve the chicken.

When they start bringing the food into the tent, a big windstorm picks up.  It knocks the tent down.  Dani helps others get out before she leaves.  Then she and her boyfriend find that the engaged woman is dead.  And it was no accident.  Who could have killed her?

It's a crooked path back to the truth.  She was not a nice woman.  She also wasn't faithful.  There are several suspects but Dani is narrowing it down.  Will she solve the case or become another victim?

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