Monday, July 6, 2020

Lola Benko, Treasure Hunter by Beth McMullen

Lola's mother died, so her father takes her on his hunts for treasure.  She loves it even if they don't often find what they were going after.  Now he's all excited about a new hunt but he's sending Lola to stay with Aunt Irma.  She doesn't want to go but she has no choice.  Her father says it's dangerous.

Aladdin and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you),  It will be published on August 25th.

When agents come to the house and tell her that her father is dead, she refuses to believe it and decides to go find him.

Lola wants to join her father so she decides robbing an art work would give her the money she needs.  Unfortunately, she falls and breaks her arm and the ballerinas statue she thought she could sell.  She finds herself in a new strict school with no time to skip.  She just barely stays out of jail.

But with time, she makes new friends.  She's never had friends before.  She thinks she knows where he hid the magic rock but when she goes to retrieve it, the storage unit is empty.  The three go to find the boat it's on and retrieve it but they don't get to keep it long.  A woman comes and says she will trade Lola's father for the stone.  Lola agrees but the woman says they aren't done with her father yet and they go.

Will Lola be able to save her father?  What happens to the stone?  And where will Lola go from here?

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