Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jay-Jay The Supersonic Bus by Sue Wickstead

Have you ever ridden on a double-decker bus?  We did when were visiting Victoria, BC, Canada.  I loved it!  You can see everything from the upper deck.  Have you ever wondered what they do with them when they get outdated and no longer needed in service?  Here's the tale of one for you that's based on a true story.

Publishing Push and the author sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It's been published, so you can order a copy now on Amazon.

The retired bus is sent to the bus graveyard where they sit until a part is needed or they rust out.  Once some children came and played on the bus and that was fun but the scrapyard guy made them leave.  All Jay-Jay has for company is spider who is building webs in the bus.

Then some people show up and look him over.  What might they want him for?  As they pay and take him to an airport hanger to work on him, he's still wondering.  When he finds out, he's thrilled!  They're going to make him a play bus for children.  I'm glad someone had the imagination to do that.

They add books, toys, tea sets, dress up clothes, and the like to the upper deck.  The bottom deck has the messier things like play dough, kits to put together, paint, and even a sandbox.  I'm sure there was a line to get in and start playing when they began taking it around to schools.

I admire people with enough imagination to see something good in an old abandoned bus and then take the time and effort to make it possible.  I think this is a grand idea.  It gives the children something fun to do even if the weather outside isn't cooperating.  It also challenges their imaginations and gives them a chance to be creative.  I bet this bus is helping a lot of children learn to have to fun and to work with each other.  Why not share this story with your young one and see what sort of creative ideas you two can come up with?  You might not have a bus but you can experiment with a big box or create a blanket tent or use a spare room for your fun activity center.  Just use your imagination.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your review and I am glad you enjoyed the tale.
Yes children love the idea of a bus full of toys to play with and the upper deck was always a favourite!
Ah, but then the sand downstairs was a favourite too, so too the painting.
In fact all of the bus was a favourite!
I have met many recently who knew the bus and have very fond memories.
there are still 'Playbus' around (not the original Jay-Jay) and it is nice to know our bus is in fictional form.