Sunday, June 28, 2015

Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation Bear Stories

This little bear has a lot to learn and he has parents to help understand and guide him.  These are for young readers and they also help those less fortunate by donating a percentage of each book sold to the foundation for helping the needful.

Publishing Push sent me a copy of these books for review (thank you).  They have already been published, so you can buy them now.

The stories are sweet and nicely illustrated by Gabrielle Esposito.  The co-authors are T C LiFonti and Charles "Peanut" Tillman.  Mr. Tillman is NFL Walter Payton's Man of the Year and he's using this endeavor to help people.  I like the presentation and the stories.  These will work well with young ones.

Here are the plot summaries from Corner 33 Bear Books site:

Story Summaries

The Story of Snowy Bear and the Lost Scarf

When Snowy wakes up and sees the snow falling outside, he rushes to get dressed in order to run outside and play.  However, as he cannot find his scarf, which he needs before he can go out, he tears apart his room in frustration instead of taking a moment to listen to his mother and consider what he may have done with it.

The Story of Pirate Bear and the Treasure Hunt

As Pirate Bear heads to the community treasure hunt at Unity Park, he makes the decision to “hunt” by himself instead of with a team because he wants the grand prize for himself.  As his friends and parents try to convince him to be part of a team and work with others, his greed gets the best of him and he goes at it alone.  Throughout, Pirate slowly discovers the disadvantages and loneliness of not being part of a team and working with others.  (This is my favorite!)

The Story of Beach Bear and the Sandcastle

Early in the morning, Beach Bear begins the construction of his dream sandcastle.  And, as the day moves on and the tide rolls in, he is unaware of what can happen to his sandcastle as he rushes off to bring back Mama Bear to show her.  One of the greatest lessons Mama Bear helps her son realize is the importance of what one does and the memories that it brings back.

The Story of Scary Bear and the Pumpkin Patch

While waiting for Papa Bear to come home so that they can go to the pumpkin patch for their Halloween pumpkin, Scary falls asleep and dreams what he thinks is reality.  By the end, Scary learns the importance of listening and staying close to his father, especially in unfamiliar places.

The Story of Lovie Bear and the Valentine’s Day Card

For Valentine’s Day, Lovie Bear wants so desperately to give his one valentine a card; however, when the moment comes to do so, he does not have the confidence to follow through.  By the end of the school day, Lovie begins to understand how many people have the same fears and that having the smallest amount of courage can open the doors to greater opportunities.

Not only does purchasing these books do good by helping those less fortunate, there are lessons in the stories that impart wisdom and reasoning to young ones.  It's hard growing up...

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