Monday, June 22, 2015

Cobwebs by Mary Coley

When she gets a call from her aunt saying she needs to come now, she immediately leaves to visit her.  When she's ill and a bit confused, Jamie wishes she'd come sooner.  Hearing something in the house, Jamie goes to investigate.  While she's been gone, someone has attempted to kill great aunt Elizabeth by suffocating her with a pillow!

The author graciously sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published, so check with your bookstore for a copy.  This book was a 2015 Winner of the Creative Women of Oklahoma Award for Young Adult Books from Delta Kappa Gamma International Society for Key Educators.

When the police chief tells her she's a suspect, Jamie is doubly hurt.  Not only did she not harm her aunt, she's been accused of helping her husband die.  His cancer was incurable and he did ask her to aid him in an early death but she always said no.  She also felt guilty because of that and how much he suffered.  This is just another painful situation for her.

Jamie and her family used to come and stay with aunt Elizabeth in the summer months.  She knows something happened there one summer that scared her badly but she doesn't know what it was.  Now it seems like it's coming back to haunt her again.

While her aunt is in the hospital in a coma, she's waiting for her to get well and trying to find out more about her relative's lives.  There's large gap in her knowledge and the more she finds out, the less she knows.  Not all of what she is learning is true either.

This is tale of a family tree that goes back generations and has had a troubled life all along.  There are relatives everywhere, old enemies, and a family seeking vengeance.  Unless Jamie can figure out who all the players are and why they are after her family, she may end up dead...

The words flowed well, the plot was good, and Jamie survives.  She's even found a new boyfriend.  Now I'm going to read the second book in this series and I'm sure it will also be good.

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