Sunday, June 7, 2015

Undercover Bride by Margaret Brownley

She's a Pinkerton agent.  She'll do anything she needs to do to get evidence.  Even pretend she's a mail order bride...

Shiloh Run Press and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It's already been published, so check with your local bookstore for a copy.

Maggie is checking out Garrett Thomas.  He's a widower with two children and he's suspected of being a train robber.  She goes all prepared to find the money and get out.  But finding the money is not easy.  He keeps his bedroom locked and she hasn't found a hint of any secret in the house.  Not even the outbuildings show her much.  How is she going to prove her case?  And does she want to once she gets to know him?

Garrett's Aunt Hetty is off and running with wedding plans.  The whole town is grinning at her.  She's even trying a wedding gown and the whole time she feels like a fraud.  That all changes when she finds the money up in the children's "tree house" in the barn.  Then she has no choice but to turn him in.

She does, but she doesn't believe he's guilty.  So she keeps looking and she cons her Pinkerton partner into staying longer and helping her.  The romance is sweet but the mystery was intriguing and kept me reading.  I spent more time smiling while I read this story than I usually do when reading and I liked that.  I really liked the ending.  Try it and tell me what you think.

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