Sunday, June 21, 2015

Firefly Summer by Kathleen Y'Barbo

Sessa has lost most of the men in her life.  Her husband died in an accident, her father has passed on, and her son has gone his own way.  Unfortunately, it's the wrong way...

Redbud Press and the author allowed to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be released June 23rd, so you can get a copy in a couple of days.

Sessa feels she didn't do a good enough job raising her son.  He's gotten into drugs, never visits her and then she finds he's a new father.  She doesn't even know if he knows that.  But things get worse.  In a mangled robbery attempt, he's killed.  And the new mother leaves the baby girl with Sessa.

Redbud Press publishes Christian based literature.  There are biblical references in the stories and they ask God for help in making their decisions and life.  It's not overbearing and the story is good, so they are enjoyable read.

When they let her son's killer out of prison, she's relieved.  She knew the doctor did what he did in self-defense.  She doesn't want to know anything more about it, though.  She has a little girl named Pansy in her life and a Smithsonian carousel project to work on.  

Trey is glad to be out of prison but finding it hard to return to his life before.  He killed the young man with a scalpel on his desk and now he can't hold one to perform surgery.  Once he touches it, he vomits.  What will he do now?

A psychologist talks about why he feels the way he does and suggests that apologizing to the mother of the young man might resolve part of his issues.  It takes him some time to work up the nerve to try to do that.  Imagine his surprise when she apologizes to him before he can get his apology out...

Once the apologies are done, they both begin putting their lives back in order.  Despite the death of the son, this is feel good story.  Everything falls into place and life will be much better for everyone involved.  Even the small town gossip is finally stilled.  What more could you want?

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