Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim review + GIVEAWAY!

Mattie is a slave.  Since she had recently birthed her son, she was ordered to come up to big house and be a wet nurse for the new baby.  After all, a new white mother didn't want to breastfeed her own child.  That's what a wet nurse was for.

The author sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  You can buy a copy now on Amazon.

I was touched by this book.  It's not all pleasant but it's typical of the era it represents.  Southern folk have slaves and treat them as less than human.  Any slave that runs take a chance of death on the way or sale to an unkind master.  This story gives you an inside look at a family that has slaves and sees nothing wrong with it.

Mattie isn't very impressed by the white baby.  She even has brief thoughts of smothering it so she could go back to Samuel, her son.  It passes quickly.  It's not the baby's fault.  Elizabeth is given over to Mattie's care almost exclusively.  Her mother doesn't appear to be interested in the child and only tries to teach her to eat properly and make a nice public showing.  Mattie is the one who comforts her, sings to her, and protects her from the bad things of the world.

When Lisbeth (nickname) talks to her parents, they tell her the slaves would be lost without them.  They need the work, lodging and food they provide them.  They're not as smart as whites and know no better.  As Lisbeth grows, she learns that's not true.  The blacks don't read because they aren't taught.  Many of them resent working for her father and never getting a share of the crops.  Nobody's home is very nice.  She begins to wonder if her parents can see that...

I enjoyed the camaraderie between Mattie and Lisbeth.  It's real, it's love, and it gives Lisbeth the courage and strength to carry on.  When Lisbeth's brother is born, Mattie is sent back to slave quarters and Lisbeth gets a new maid.  As Lisbeth learns more about the slaves and the way they are exploited, she's not sure she likes slavery as a whole.  It's a good thing she learned to be strong, she's going to need that strength.

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