Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Christmas Angel by Jim Cangary

For some people, Christmas can be a melancholy holiday.  If you recently lost loved ones, it’s a hard time to get through that first Christmas after the loss.  It’s a good thing Kaitlin has Dani for a friend.  She’s taking her to the parade; there’s no time to mope…

Mr. Cangany writes a type of sweet old fashioned romance that I really enjoy.  While his story is short, it’s long enough to develop an interest between two lonely people.  You never know where you find true love…

When the spot that is “theirs” is taken by some college boys from out of town, Kaitlin isn’t sure what to do.  Dani doesn’t slow down.  Good-looking men means she’ll have a good time!  When Kaitlin catches up and gets introduced, she lets Dani dominate the men.  Dani is a beautiful blonde; she’s just a plain vanilla brunette.  However, there’s a guy there that seems a bit outside of his group of friends, too.  When they chat, they find they have things in common.

Kaitlin has an angel pin that has been handed down to the females in her family.  Since her parent’s death, she’s had it in a jewelry box.  She’s wearing it today and shows it to him.  The author uses this pin to help bring the two together again.  Mr. Cangany uses the magic of Christmas, an angel, and a mutual attraction to cement this story together.  Its flows well, made me smile, and left me hoping I can find some more of his work.

If you need something to read during the hustle and bustle of the holidays to calm you down and get you back in the spirit, this is the story for you.  If you’re alone and need a friend, this story will help that, too.  Why not give it a read?

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Jim Cangany said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review The Christmas Angel. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!