Monday, December 23, 2013

Lying Dead (DI Marjory Fleming #3) by Aline Templeton

When a teenage boy riding a mountain bike has the misfortune to hit a rock, fall off and almost land on a body, DI Fleming is called out.  It appears it's murder.  Who is she and how did she get here?

Witness Impulse and Edelwiess let me download a copy of this ebook for review (thank you).  It will be published February 11th, so check with your local bookstore for a copy.

DI Fleming has found things a bit colder around her since the hoof and mouth disease went through.  She was in a position of authority and had to enforce the law.  The fact that she was there while the animals were being put down gave the local folks a person to blame.  It was a disease, it was a law, but she was human and they could hate her.

While they try to determine the woman's identity, Marjory again has to deal with the people of her town.  Many aren't saying much.  Those who do talk might not be telling the truth.

Ms. Templeton writes a good mystery but they are very wordy.  She gives you a complete background on characters and a great description of the land and community.  I'd like a bit less description and more action, but when the action comes, the pages turn fast enough.

Everybody had something to hide.  There are affairs, lost love, lost hope and greed all mixed about in the town.  Every question she asks purses someone's lips and many of the answers are false.  Marjory keeps digging, but she knows the further she goes, the less she will be liked.

The ending surprised me.  I had no idea who the killer was.  Also, I want to put the author on notice that she cannot let Tam die.  She makes you care about her characters and then does a nasty thing to one.  It made me want to doctor that part of the story.  

Why don't you read this story and see how you feel about it?  If you agree with me, drop me a comment on here and we can commiserate.

Happy reading.

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