Monday, December 30, 2013

Gabriel’s Bride by Amy Lillard

Even the Amish can have marriages of convenience...

Net Galley and B & H Books gave me the chance to download and read this story for review (thank you).  It will be published February 1st.  If you enjoy Amish stories, you won't want to miss this one.  If you like sweet romances, this one fits that bill, too.

Rachel is an orphan who came to live with her aunt.  She's past the courting age since she put her aunt's health first.  She's OK with that.  When her aunt dies, she's resigned herself to selling her goat milk and cheese to keep her household going.  All those thoughts leave her head when she's informed her aunt took out a reverse mortgage and the home she grew up in no longer belongs to her.  Where will she go?

Gabriel has already had the love of his life and has five children to prove it.  He doesn't want a wife, but he's having trouble trying to cook, do the farm work and take care of the children.  He puts up an ad in town for a housekeeper, but no one applies.  When he hears about Rachel, he decides there's a way they can help each other.

She'll move in, take care of the house, food and children and sleep in his eldest daughter's room.  They agree, and life moves on.  So does the gossip.  They are finally pushed into marriage.  It's either that or she has to go to Ohio and live with her cousin.

They marry, but the challenges aren't through yet.  Gabriel has no plans to take her as his wife.  The children are setting her up by helping her burn the food she cooks, bringing dirt in the house, and scaring her with frogs and grasshoppers.  She hangs in there, but eventually decides she needs to leave.  Gabriel will never change and she's fallen in love with him.

When she's gone, Gabriel finally finds out about the mutiny by household, the fact that she has taught his youngest his letters and he can now to go to school, and more.  But he's so proud, he's refusing to after her...

This is a soft, sweet romance with two stubborn people.  I very much enjoyed this read.  Why not give it try?

Happy reading.

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