Friday, December 13, 2013

Samantha Sutton and the Winter of the Warrior Queen by Jordan Jacobs

Samantha is a bit unpleasantly surprised to find her uncle at the house when she comes home from school.  Her adventure with him in Peru was almost her last, and she's not looking forward to going again.  Her parents are clueless, however, and they're excited that she gets to go on an archeological dig again.  Luckily, her brother Evan is coming with her.  She'll need all the luck she can get.

Sourcebooks Jabberwocky and Net Galley allowed me to read an ebook of this story for review (thank you).  It will be published the 7th of January, so make a note on your TBR list to pick it up then.

They'll be going to England to work on a dig recently discovered.  Her uncle is hoping to make a name for himself and get back together with a woman he's fond of both at the same time.  Samantha is hoping this dig won't be as dangerous as it was in the past and that they are successful.

Archeology is interesting and I find it fun to read about how they do digs and the history from the area.  One dig can have several years of history from different time periods at the same site.  This tale includes danger, revenge, greed, broken hearts and more.  For a while, I wasn't sure if Sam was going to make it out alive.  You won't be bored if you read this book!

The ending is a cliff hanger and you know there's going be another book in this series.  That's a good thing; her uncle is still trying to find his not only his place in the archeological world but in love.  Samantha is the only one that seems to watch out for danger.  That might not be the role her parents envisioned her playing, but that's the way it is.

Why not take a walk with Samantha in England and see if you get out alive?

I asked the author a few questions to see what made him tick and why he wrote this sort of story.  Here are his answers:

You took a high school archaeology program in the American Southwest.  Where was that located and how comprehensive was the program?

I was very lucky to attend the High School Field School Program at Crown Canyon Archaeological Center (, which included excavation, lab work, experimental archaeology, and lots of more traditional summer camp activities. It's a fantastic place, and has programs for middle schoolers, families, and teachers, as well!

What was it like to work at the Smithsonian?

Humbling. There's a certain reverence one feels handling any museum collection, but working with the nation's is something very special. 

Does archaeology still make your heart beat faster?

Every day!
That must be what makes him write books, don't you think?
Happy reading.

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