Friday, February 8, 2013

The Ruby Curse by Makayla Yokley

Violet is no angel.  She's an escaped prisoner with a past and she just wants to avoid attention.  Instead, she runs into two military guards who think she's a Hero.  Her?  She's anything but.

The author and Goddess Fish Blog sent me a copy of this ebook to review for the tour (thank you).  You can purchase it on Smashwords now.

Violet is seventeen and had never had a normal life.  Lies roll off her tongue easily, she's only interested in protecting herself and getting something out of transaction.  She has no intention of playing Hero.  Unfortunately, there are other forces in play and she may have no choice.

I really enjoyed her banter with Ethan.  Ethan is a young man who is still a virgin.  She's young, but she's no virgin.  Nor do she put with stupid people or fools.  Somehow, though, Ethan is still with her at the end of the story.

This is the first in what appears to be an upcoming series.  The unlikely group of Hero, guard, and mage are going to go after the Force and make them pay for all deaths they have already caused, so there must be at least one more book coming.

Also, this not for the faint of heart.  The world Violet lives in is violent and mean.  It's a good adventure and I enjoyed reading it.

Makayla will award a free digital copy of The Ruby Curse via Smashwords to one commenter at every stop.

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