Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Dragon Turn The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His 5th Case by Shane Peacock

Sherlock is back again.  He's no longer getting closely involved with cases; he's decided to just offer advice and hints to the Inspector's son.  That's safer.  And it makes Irene more comfortable.

Random House of Canada and Net Galley allowed me download this ebook for review (thank you).  It will be published March 12th, so watch for a copy.

I enjoy reading this series.  If you haven't sampled it yet, start with the earlier books so you can watch Sherlock grow up with his insatiable curiosity.  They are all good adventures and this one is no exception.

When they visit a magician's act that includes a real dragon, Sherlock is impressed.  When the police inspector arrests the magician at the end of the show for murder, he can't believe it.  And he finds himself drawn back into a case when he wasn't going to do it.  Of course, Irene asking him to take it had nothing to do with it...

Mr. Peacock always writes big adventures full of fantasy and illusions with lots of logic.  Sherlock is not always right the first time, but he manages to put it right before the end.

Why not trot through London's underworld next to Sherlock and see if you can solve the mystery before he does?  Wear good heavy shoes, you'll need them.

Happy reading.    

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