Monday, February 25, 2013

Love of Shadows by Zoe Brooks

When you begin reading this book, you are transported to another time and place.  A place where healers are punished because the University believes doctors are superior and where people have a companion born with them that is a "shadow"...

The author and Goddess Fish Blog allowed me to read an ebook of this story for review (thank you).  You can find a copy of this book available on Amazon and other ebook sites.

The story begins with Judith trying to recover from the death of her mentor, who was almost a mother to her.  She probably would have sunk into depression if she didn't have Sarah to keep her moving.  Shadows don't have emotions, so they can deal with loss more easily, you see.

Judith is an interesting character.  Her mother was healer, but she died while Judith was young.  Judith has a smattering of knowledge that is hidden by the business Elma runs, a perfume shop.  All she knows to do is continue the business.  She's glib with the men, loves them and leaves them.  She is independent and stubborn.  And she does care about people.  That last characteristic gets her in trouble, because healing is forbidden.  But how can she let babies die when she can help them?

There are several life changing events for Judith in this story.  Her life is hard but she persists.  It's a very interesting fantasy story that kept me intrigued.  This is a mean world, but there is still love and hope.  I think Judith is a lot like us.  You just do what you need to for survival.

If you go for a walk with Judith through her world and on her journey, you'll be a bit changed at the end, too.

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Ingeborg said...

Thank you for the review, the book sounds very interesting.


Zoe Brooks said...

Thank you for such a lovely review. I'm glad you enjoyed the book. I am over in the Czech Republic writing the next book in the trilogy about Judith, so I am 1hr ahead of the UK and at least 5hrs ahead of the US. But if anyone wants to ask me a question or leave a comment, I will be popping by later.

Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting today.

MomJane said...

What a fascinating and great review.

Lena said...

I like a strong heroine, thank you for the review!


Lyra L7 said...

This sounds fantastic, I'm going to put it on my tbr list!

lyra.lucky7 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

thanks for the chance to win!

hense1kk At cmich dot edu

Andra Lyn said...

Thank you for posting this review! I kind of wish there was a tad more detail about the writing and the plot, but I think I understand the main points of the book :)

andralynn7 AT gmail DOT com

Mary Preston said...

I'm certainly keen to know more about these 'shadows'.


Zoe Brooks said...

Thanks again for all your comments and thanks Jo Ann for hosting me. The winner of the giveaway was Andra Lyn.