Sunday, February 10, 2013

The One and Only Willa Bean by Cecilia Galante

Willa is back again in Little Wings #4.  Kristi Valiant's illustrations have again given her life and made her hair as outrageous as before.  If you can't handle cute and sweet, you don't want to read this series.

Random House sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It's a Stepping Stone Book for beginning readers and it has been published.  Check out the others in the series if you haven't met Willa yet.

Willa Bean is a cupid and her flying friend is Snooze, a small owl.  She's all excited when it's time to take our friends to school.  Each cupid will introduce her pet and she's sure hers is the best.  There are lots of prettier ones or more unusual ones, but she thinks her owl has them beat.  Then the new student has an owl, too.  He's bigger than Snooze.

Poor Willa.  How can she help Snooze be important so he doesn't feel hurt by being outsized?  Willa always makes things work out and that's part of her charm.   I'm sure your little one will smile after reading about Willa's troubles.  After all, they're not really troubles.

Happy reading.   

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