Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Flash Crossover Crisis: Green Arrow's Perfect Shot by Barry Lyga

I read about the Flash when I visited my Grandparents.  I also read about Plastic Man.  So this book caught my eye.  The Flash has a lot to do to keep his earth safe and not a lot of time to do it...

Amulet Books sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy now.

Green Arrow needs help tracking down a bomber.  The Flash goes to help him.  Then a breach shows upon the earth's surface and people from the other world begin evacuating.  This causes problems.  Especially when a monster comes through!

With a concentrated effort, the gang gets the monster back on the dead earth.  But he's not staying there.  How can they close that breach?

In the meantime, someone has stolen the robot bees from another site and they're dangerous.  They figure out who took them but they don't know how to stop them...

With lots of action, and plenty of drama, it keeps you reading.  It's a good thing they have super powers or they would never be able to conquer their challenges.

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