Friday, April 25, 2014

The Girl Who Wouldn't Brush Her Hair by Kate Bernheimer

She has long thick dark hair and she doesn't brush it.  It's "just her way."  She washed it, she just didn't brush it.  We all know what happens when you don't brush it; it tangles.  In this case, something even more interesting happens.

Random House Children's Books sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can buy a copy now.  Jake Parker is the illustrator and his artwork is full of bright colors.

She wakes up one morning with a mouse in her hair.  She's not scared of it; it seems to be a nice mouse.  One mouse might be, but suddenly the whole condominium is moving in!

When they object to her bathing, she stops.  But that has bad results at school.  The crowning touch is when the teacher tells her she must leave her doll at home because each child is allowed one toy and she has a head full of them.  She doesn't want to leave Baby home.  So something has to change, and change it does.

If you have a young one that's not fond of brushing or combing their hair, here's a story that might help.  Instead of asking if they brushed their hair, you can ask:  "Have you seen any mice yet?"  Laughing about it might help get the job done.

Happy reading.

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