Friday, April 11, 2014

Merry Humbug Christmas, Two Tales of Holiday Romance, by Sandra D. Bricker

Christmas can be a happy time or a sad time in your life.  Those who have family and friends who surround them enjoy the holidays.  Those who have lost many have only memories and it's easy to become blue.  So Joss has developed the best antidote for herself:  She and her friend Reese go on a cruise.  It's the Merry Humbug Christmas cruise...

B & H Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  You can grab a copy at your local bookstore now.

Joss was originally named Merry Christmas Snow.  I can see why she changed her name.  Also, I know someone who was named Merry Christmas.  She went by Chris and never admitted it.  Some parents don't know what they do when naming children.

Joss got burnt out on the Christmas theme real early.  So she would sneak away on this cruise and never even think of Christmas during Christmas week.  But there's a snafu this year.  Reese is engaged and she's going to his family's celebration.  As if that's not bad enough, Joss's cruise has been cancelled and they put her on another cruise - and it's all about Christmas!

First thing that happens is that she meets a woman dressed up brighter than a Christmas tree who befriends her.  She tries to get away but it isn't happening.  As Mrs. Christmas overwhelms her, she does meet another nice lady who has a VERY attractive unmarried son.  They soon become an item.

The second story is about Reese.  She's meeting her fiance's family for the first time.  There are a lot of them and they are loud and boisterous.  Then Reese starts making mistakes.  She runs over one of the brothers' foot.  She plows into a child during football.  She even sets the kitchen on fire.  She keeps saying she's sorry but that gets boring after a while.  Will she still be engaged after Christmas?

Both stories are romantic and charming.  They also made me laugh in places.  While these are centered on the Christmas holiday, they're great cozy romances that can be read in any season.  Why not settle down and read about Joss and Reese and their quests for happily ever after?

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